A weekend of Dreams

This past weekend I have had interesting spiritually charged dreams each night.

I'll detail the dreams here for future reference.

Dream 1:
On Sat. night, the last night of a 7 day Aurum Solis ritual - I had a interesting dream. It started as a dream, but then my mind became more aware and it felt like a astral separation from the body... yet dreamlike.

There was a being, who moved me out of the room... and began to take me farther away. it was like a shadow of a man. But at one point, along this ride, I stated, "Stop." The being stopped dead in the air. We hovered over towers of a city below.

I asked the name of this being, and got no response.

I called an Enochian Angel I knew would assist me... and he appeared instantly. He came in the clouds of fire. I asked this Enochian angel if this being could be trusted.

"you should banish" said the Enochian and so I did.

I began the banishing - and simply awoke from my state.

Dream 2:
From Sunday Night:
Quite different. It started out so interesting. I was in a home. A new home. A dream home. A home that was amazing. It was a mansion. It towered on an amazing estate. The backyard, had a walkway that went down to a lake. The whole place was amazing. But there was a spirit in the house... or spirits. But it didn't bother me at all.

I walked in the home. No one was there, but me. I walked over to an ornate fireplace and wrapped my hands around it (which was odd) and I said, "I love this house, and all the spirits in it." Again very odd to say.

Now, part of the dream is lost... but i recall being in my bedroom. There I was in the room and I was in the middle of demanding a spirit leave the house (so something must have happened.) I drew (with my fingers) the Tetragramaton in the air and spoke it's name... like thus: "Spirit in the name of [Tetragramaton] I demand you leave." As I said that, the Hebrew letters appeared on the wall I faced... they glowed with energy. As they glowed, I looked around the room and saw dozens of another name written by another person or creature.

The name was oddly written. It was written in English letters, the first letter had a slash through it. The name had six letters. In my dream I made certain to remember them. The name was a simple English name: Leslie - but the first letter had slash through it.

The name was repeated around the walls and was more concentrated over the bed where I slept. It was very disconcerting to me in the dream.

Now, out of the dream I am trying trying to understand it.

Six letters, and one is lost with a slash... 6 becoming 5.

OR it could be in Hebrew:
Lamed Shin Lamed Yod Or perhaps Lamed Samech Lamed Yod
Four letters that are also 3.

This idea is more interesting, notice it follows the same formula of the Tetragramaton... four letters and one is repeated twice. Reading right to left it spells: YLSL

But what would that mean...?

I'll still keep looking and searching.