Poem: Twelve Petals

I wrote this poem last year... within it I told a method of combining Enochian with a Gnostic meditation of a lotus upon the Ajna chakra.

I figured it might go nicely in my blog:

Twelve Petals
Brian Warner

A lotus of twelve petals rests
Upon Ajna, upon the door
Displaying the colors of it’s nest
Four tones inscribe this score.

Green, white, black and red
These tones play round the lotus’ rim
And upon each petal a word is said
Calling the Light that will never dim.

One word, inscribed at each part
Of the Lotus’ outer edge
While a receiving light at it’s heart
To above, it makes it’s pledge.

As above, and so below
Words of Angels’ written down
Are called upon so as to sow
The Living Lotus into the crown.

From the ether of above
Comes the many call and key
Descending as the mystical dove
Providing the way for one to See.

It should be said very clear
Each petal itself is as a gate
To pass through, as the seer
Moving through to powers great.

All this said for one real task
To reign myself to will, so true
Removing my dark ego mask
Becoming … Becoming… New.


  Celtic Crystal

January 10, 2012 at 1:08 AM

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