Recently I recieved an email from a mundane source... and it upset me... it upset me greatly. It felt like a personal restriction. That someone else was trying to restrict my rights - specifically for medical attention.

I was privately upset... and dealt with it in private, but my thoughts were vexed all night.

As I read that excerp from Soror Meral (previous post of mine), I began to realize... I was projecting a restriction... but why was I projecting one? what was the source cause of this projection?

Then I realized... my restrictions of others.

Karma had returned to me.

I restrict others. I have in the past. Either mentally or verbally. I've often fallen prey to this bad behavior. Telling people what's best. What's right. How they're doing something wrong. Mostly these are thoughts - on occasion, especially with those I have in close confidence, I verbalize it.

Now I project a restriction being placed upon me.

This realization has caused me some relief. But it's also put me on guard to watch my behavior and thoughts more closely.